Save the trouble and risk when you purchase fabric – leave it to us

Delivery time and consistency of supply vary from one country to another. It is important to keep one step ahead of delivery terms to avoid unpleasant surprises as you go along and perhaps risk postponing the rest of your production.

We ensure that the fabric is ”Prepared For Print” and fulfil whichever specifications you have require, i.e. that it is pure lint-free polyester.

We examine the fabric to verify that it meets our specifications to make sure that the roll in question is suitable for print. If we are dealing with a polyester blend like polyester and elastane, we will examine the whereabouts of the elastane in the construction of the fabric. Perhaps the fabric is less likely to bleed on one side of the fabric and therefore fine for print on that side. We will make a print sample to be sure we end up with a good result.

If you choose to buy and deliver your fabric yourself, Scan htp is happy to recommend good and reliable European fabric suppliers for your project.